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Welding Strip

Vinyl Strip
Welding Strip
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Welding Strip

Welding strips

Blocks over 99% of UV radiation. Designed for welding booths as well as spraying, grinding, and sand blasting enclosures. This VERILON® Vinyl Strip is fire retardant, highly transparent, noise deadening - and prevents dangerous near UV and UV radiation from penetrating adjacent areas.

POLARIZED VERILON® Vinyl Strip also meets CPAI-84 and California State Fire Marshal requirements for flame resistance (sparks won't burn through).

It is not intended as a substitute for approved eye protection which should always be worn. Available in 80-gauge thickness in a strip width of eight inches, in colors of bronze, veri-orange and blue; or heavy duty 120-gauge thickness in a strip width of 12 inches in bronze. Available in flat only.

Light transmission characteristics
Light transmission characteristics



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