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Choose from three types and two styles of Verilon® Vinyl Strip

Standard, Low Temperature or Welding Strip in Flat or Ribbed Styles

Flat Verilon®

Ribbed Verilon®

Flat Verilon® strips
Ribbed Verilon® strips

The smoothly beveled rounded edges of our vinyl strip doors won't cut, snag or scratch anything they come in contact with.

The strips' concave-convex curvature promotes a tighter seal, yet the strips spread apart easily for passage.

Ribbed Verilon® Vinyl Strip Doors provide maximum structural strength and energy savings. Reinforcing ribs on each side interlock for a tighter thermal seal to prolong the life of the vinyl. Reinforcing ribs also prolong the see-thru clarity of vinyl by reducing marring and scratching on the strip surface, which cuts down the need for replacement. Ribbed Verilon® Vinyl Strip Doors are ideal for heavy traffic areas.

A recent test performed by U.S. Testing Co., Inc. proved that Verilon® Ribbed Vinyl Strips outperformed other brands repeatedly in strength and tear resistance. Ask for a certified copy of the test results.

Standard Strip

This universal Verilon® Vinyl Strip is used in nine out of 10 installations. These strip door barriers are available in four thicknesses and four strip widths to meet the needs of light-duty to heavy-duty applications, indoors and outdoors.

Meets CPAI-84 and California State Fire Marshal Requirements for flame resistance.

Operating temperature from -10˚F to 140˚F. Meets USDA, FDA and Agriculture Canada requirements! Available in flat and ribbed.

Low Temperature Strip

Verilon® vinyl strip doors are specially fabricated with FDA approved ingredients for use by the food processing industry. This special Verilon® Vinyl Strip helps sustain sub-zero temperatures while retaining its dimensional stabilityÖremains flexible from -50˚F to 140˚F. Meets USDA, FDA and Agriculture Canada requirements! The Vinyl Strip approved by the National Sanitation Foundation!

This is the only Verilon® Vinyl Strip for freezer use.

Available in flat and ribbed.

Welding Strip

Our welding strip blocks over 99% of UV radiation and are designed for welding booths as well as spraying, grinding, and sand blasting enclosures. This Verilon® Vinyl Strip is fire retardant, highly transparent, noise deadening and prevents dangerous near UV and UV radiation from penetrating adjacent areas.

POLARIZED Verilon® Vinyl Strip also meets CPAI-84 and California State Fire Marshal requirements for flame resistance (sparks won't burn through).

Our plastic strip doors are not intended as a substitute for approved eye protection which should always be worn. It comes available in 80-gauge thickness with a strip width of eight inches, in colors of bronze, veri-orange and blue; or heavy duty 120-gauge thickness in a strip width of 12 inches in bronze. Available in flat only.


Verilon® Vinyl Strip Doors provide these additional advantages:
  • Easily installed
  • Low Maintenance - Individual strips can be replaced quickly and inexpensively. Periodic cleaning is recommended. For best results, use a professional vinyl cleaner such as Verilon® Vinyl Cleaner which has been specifically formulated for this purpose.
  • Visibility - Provides additional safety and can facilitate traffic by allowing on-coming pedestrians and vehicles to see through the transparent strip.
  • Adaptability - Can cover nearly any shape or size of opening (up to 25 feet high) and virtually any width. They can also accommodate openings as small as two feet square, such as for a conveyor.
  • Energy Saving - Heavy primary doors can remain open during high-traffic periods, reducing wear while saving energy costs and improving productivity.
  • Pest Control - Minimizes the chances of birds, flying insects and rodents entering the building.

Unlimited Uses

The wide variety of uses for Verilon®Vinyl Strip Doors and enclosures challenge the imagination. They offer unlimited applications both indoors and outdoors in industrial, commercial and institutional facilities.

Some of the many applications for Verilon® Vinyl Strips include:
  • Shipping and receiving closures on loading docks
  • Traffic doors
  • Conveyor openings
  • Craneway enclosures
  • Temperature control between rooms
  • Partitions between buildings
  • Storage area enclosures
  • Cooler or freezer secondary doors
  • Inside doors on refrigerated trucks
  • Spray booths
  • Welding screens, partitions and booths
  • Car wash exits
  • Sound barriers and noise-reducing enclosures for machinery
  • Hood enclosures for fume containment

All three types of Verilon® Vinyl Strip are UV stabilized to prevent yellowing. Verilon® Vinyl Strips are resistant to most inorganic acids, bases and salts. Since some organic solvents can affect vinyl; users should test the vinyl strip for specific applications.

GSA Approved! Our Verilon® Vinyl Strip is the only vinyl strip doors approved by GSA for federal government purchase.

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